Location: Marbella, Spain & McKinney, Texas
From the MacBook Pros of: André Chaperon & Steve Gray
Date: February, 2014

Who are we and why the hell should you even listen to what we have to say?

I’m the author of AutoResponder Madness. Here’s a video snippet from Traffic & Conversion Summit 2012 where Ryan Deiss & Perry Belcher chat about me and what I do with email. lol

… and here from Zentrepreneur 2013 (where Vishen Lakhiani, Founder of Mindvalley, calls me out):


Steve Gray is a traffic guy. He spends around a million dollars per month on paid advertising. Yeah, that’s not a typo — that is each month (below is his current balance).

AmEx Balance, Feb 11, 2014

Steve co-owns four 7-figure businesses. His main business does $30 million/year in the health space. So pay attention to what we have to say. Seriously.


What do you think the FIRST step is in finding a (lucrative) niche?

We love asking people this question.

Seems so simple it throws them.

Is it a trick question?

Nope. Not at all.

Come on … give it a shot.

But a buck gets ten you don’t know the (best) answer.

Think about it. Carefully.

Here’s a tip … the wrong answer is starting off looking for a high-converting offer (product).

Is that what you were thinking?

1-0 to us then :)

We still see poo-roos (“gurus” that don’t do what they preach) suggest going to marketplaces like ClickBank or JVZoo or DealGuardian or one of the CPA networks and finding the top sellers in a competitive category.


That’s a sure-fire way to have your ass handed to you. Fast.

For some people it works, but 9 times out of 10 it was just pure luck on their part…

Or they’re a pro at playing the mass-traffic game (high-risk playground).

Wipe from your mind all the B.S. that you’ve been brainwashed up till now by the poo-roos.

Never start by choosing a product first.

That’s a high-risk strategy.

Starting with the product puts you in the position of having to play GUESS marketing. Which goes something like this…

  1. GUESS who the ideal customer is.
  2. GUESS what their pain is (their needs, wants and desires).
  3. GUESS how to reach them (PPC, SEO, social, whatever).
  4. GUESS what to say to them.

Screw that!

Sounds like a game of gambling to me. And as you know, most people stink at gambling. The “house” always wins.

Lots of guessing. Random chance. Crazy assumptions at best.

Rather, approach it BACKWARDS.

We suggest you START with the audience (we refer to them as a POP, or “pocket of people“).

By starting with the POP you get to understand who they are and what their specific (emotional) needs are.

Meaning, you get to HAVE A DIALOG with them BEFORE selling them anything (big freakin’ tip right there!).

Think about that.

It changes the dynamics of the whole game.

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